• Complete line of MIL-SPEC oils and greases
  • Hundreds of specialty lubricants in stock for every application including low torque, high temperature, vacuum, dampening and high speed applications
  • Ultra-Clean Class 6/ISO 14644 Certified Clean Room with Class 1 workstations for bearing lubrication, re-lubrication and assembly
  • Vacuum impregnation of phenolic retainers and phosphorous bronze products
  • Grease and oil plating for low torque and high temperature applications
  • Packaging and preservation per MIL-DTL-197
  • Grease lube fill amounts controlled and measured
  • State-of-the-art proprietary washing and lubrication equipment

Custom Packaging

Next Point Bearing offers a wide variety of custom packaging methods to meet our customer’s requirements. If you should require some custom packaging that we do not have listed, or are unsure what method to use, please contact us at any time with questions.
Vial Pack – Miniature and Instrument Bearings are packaged and sealed in clear plastic vials.
Roll Pack – Bearings are packed in Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting wax paper, typically in quantities of 10 bearings per roll.
Kraft Bag – Each bearing is sealed in a clear plastic bag and then sealed in a foil-lined kraft bags per MIL-DTL-197.
Individual Box – Each bearing is sealed in a clear plastic bag and then placed in individual boxes.
*Each custom packaging can be labeled per customer’s specifications.

Custom packaging


In our industry, kitting is most commonly known as preassembly of individual items into customized kits. It allows our customers to reduce inventory, minimize space, save on additional labor spent processing and handling individual components, and faster turnaround times. Please contact us for questions. Let us work for you!

Bar Code Labeling

We can create custom bar code labeling per MIL-STD-129 & 130 or per customer’s specifications. Please contact our sales department for more information.


Duplexing is the process in which a pair of bearings are assembled together with preload to work as a set. Duplex bearings can be arranged back to back, face to face or tandem.

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